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Anxiety and phobia associated with going to the dentist are one of the most prevalent types of fears in the modern world. Although technology in dentistry has skyrocketed in the past decades, making procedures more efficient, quick, and less-invasive than ever before, people still fear going to the dentist. 

Fortunately, not only has dentistry progressed immensely in terms of medical technology, but today it’s more oriented towards the comfort, trust, and overall well-being of the patient. In other words, fear of the dentist is treated today with more sensitivity than it was a few decades ago. 


Dental anxiety is as debilitating as any other phobia, and, worst of all, it’s preventing you from getting the important medical treatments you need. Dentists today understand the mechanisms of dental anxiety and are empathetic to patients going through this. 

Many practices include relaxation techniques and sedation options on their service list to make sure they can accommodate patients with anxiety. Sedation dentistry is also crucial when having to administer dental treatment to children who can’t sit still for that long, people with physical or mental disabilities, and so on. 


At Experience Dental we understand the high incidence of dental anxiety, and we have met it very often in our patients. In order to provide our medical services to any patient in the area who might need it, we made sure to cover sedation dentistry and to be good at it. 

We take our time to discuss with the patient or caregiver, in order to find out all we need to know about the medical history of the patient, the kind of treatment they need, and what they respond best to. We combine sedation dentistry with simple relaxation techniques like music therapy, breathing exercises, and giving patients enough time to adapt to the office and equipment. 


If you ever postponed or dodged a dental appointment because of anxiety, or if you feel uncomfortable and nervous every time you are in the dentist chair, you could benefit from a gentle dentist that takes the time to explain every treatment and to make the environment feel comfortable. 

We at Experience Dental focus on giving every patient a good experience whilst improving their oral health. We pride ourselves on returning patients and being recommended by many of them to friends and family. Dr. Dennis Lee and his amazing team of professionals deal with all kinds of dental cases and we know what each type of patient needs.

Contact us for more information or for booking an appointment. Tell us what you need and we will reserve enough time for a comfortable and relaxing dentist check-up or treatment session.

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